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A Developers Dilemma 

Building an investment can be one of the best property investments you can make. Not only is it a great way to maximise the value of your land, but by building big, you increase your ROI, and see the benefits of economies-of-scale. But, like anything that is worth your time, to do it right isn't easy. It takes time, experience, and a comprehensive building knowledge.

At Sovereign Building Company, we make it our business to build the best property developments. Pulling from an expansive knowledge and expert team, we build the best apartment, unit and commercial developments throughout Western Australia. We know how to do it right and have for a long time. 

Clarity- One STOP SHOP

With decades of experience under our belt and a team of skilled professionals, we are able to provide a rare clarity throughout the complex process. Each step of the way we offer insight into what needs to occur and the best decisions available. Att each phase of the project, our team provide open and clear communication, allowing to stay in control. This experience also allows us to avoid time and money burns, keeping each development on schedule and on budget.






Did You Know All Our Projects Are Supervised By Our Director
At Sovereign Building company we are serious about quality. At every phase of the project, we are determined to provide only the highest quality of work, ensuring a final product that works. From the sketches of a design to the materials sourced for the build, we know you deserve the best and work to produce an end product that exceeds your expectation.


Guaranteed Build Times!

A job that stretches over time can result in a higher price tag, but jobs that are rushed can also run the risk of sloppy work, or mistakes that need to be fixed. At Sovereign Building Company, we have become so confident in our ability to complete builds on time, and at the highest standard, that for every week our builds go over the deadline, we will pay you. Are you that confident?


Are you that confident?

Get in touch today, and let's get started on your next development. Trust us with what we know needs the both of us. Please note Sovereign Building Company operates within a 50km radius of the Perth metro area. Unfortunately we do not build homes in regional or the South West of WA.

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