Triplex Developments

Triplex Investment

Triplex developments are one of the most common ways Western Austalians can add value to their property investment.

Increase Your Equity

Western Australia’s most common unit development for property developers is Triplex Developments. They are affordable, and have the potential to attract rewarding rent and profit margins, thus a very appealing development to become involved with.

Building three single or double storey properties on the one block with a common driveway will see your investment return maximised. The possibility of renting all three properties and receiving three times the amount of revenue from a single block; increasing the equity in your estate by having multiple properties on the one block; and the option of selling two properties as individual residences – thus receiving double the sales potential from your block, while retaining the third dwelling as an ongoing rental property, are only a few of the many advantages a Triplex Development offers.

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