Hamilton Hill Project

Case Study 2: Hamilton Hill Double Story Townhouses Hamilton Hill Project

The Project

Our main Developer that had already built 9 Apartments, 11 Townhouses and 13 Townhouses contact us on 24th July 2017 regarding a new development. A low offer he made on a block was accepted prior to him doing due diligence. For the offer to be processed, our Developer required a Survey, Planning Approval Drawings and full pricing to be achieved within 28 days.

The Challenge

We ordered a contactor Survey which took 1 week, whilst this was happening we drew up 4 different designs for the 20 Townhouses on this site. Once the designs were approved by the Developer, we then liaised with the council regarding the design and the project, to ensure that the council was happy to “Approve in Principle” the project (We needed to ensure that the R.Codes and town policy requirements would be achieved). Whilst the council was providing a preliminary assessment, was the proceeded in fully estimating the project, including receiving all quotes and working out all materials. Sovereign- Team of Designers and Estimators provided the quote to the Developer on 17th of August 2017.

The Solution

By the 24th of August 2017 the Developer accepted the quote knowing the council would approve the project in principle, was on last draft and that the cost for the development achieved the profit, so the Developer proceeded with purchasing the block.

Once the purchase of the block was finalized, the Developer then proceeded with the DA Approval with Sovereign Building Company.We provided the planning drawings, justifications, and neighbor approval letters and submitted to the council on Tuesday 26-09-2017.

Whilst in council for planning approval, Sovereign Team worked closely with the Developer, Surveys, Interior Designers, Engineers to prepare the project for site so that no time was lost.

The Result

Planning Approval was received on 14th of December 2017 (1Week before Sovereign ended work for 3 weeks over the Christmas break).Sovereign lodged Building License on 22-12-2017 and Building Permit was received on Thursday 04-01-2018. Sovereign commenced on site Monday 08-01-2018 doing site works and all 20 ground slabs were poured by Monday 29-01-2018. In total the process took 5 months to get to site.

The Developer and Sovereign negotiated a 56 weeks build time from starting earthworks. This project will be completed and handover in 50 weeks, 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

This entire project started with Sovereigns Team on 24th of July 2017 and with the design and construct process will be handed over to the Developer on Monday 10-12-2018. 16 months full development time required for a 20 Townhouse site as a design and construct process.

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