Why town houses and terrace townhouses are a good alternative to apartments?

Why town houses and terrace townhouses are a good alternative to apartments?

23 January 2017

If you’re a developer or homebuyer it’s well worth taking a look into building townhouses and terrace townhouses for your next development project.

There are a number of benefits of this growing type of development. Terrace houses and townhouses are earmarked to boom over the next few years.

With house prices skyrocketing, and young home buyers in particular finding it hard to enter the market, providing investors more affordable housing options such as modern units, townhouses and terrace townhouse is a smart solution to the current market concerns.

What are the benefits of building a Terrace Town House?
Save money – Less square footage equates to a more affordable investment. This is very appealing to first home buyers and others who want to enter the market at an affordable price.

Easy to clean – Because there is less space in a unit, townhouse and terrace house, it takes less time to tidy, vacuum, wipe and dust the place.

Less garden maintenance – With a small backyard and/or a private terrace, there is less hassle with having to keep the lawn and gardens neat and tidy.

Safety and security – Having neighbours nearby is a good thing for safety and security. Unusual activity, potential threats are easier to spot in a close knit community.

The truth is, with modern approaches to townhouse and terrace townhouse design, home buyers can buy a beautiful and functional house that meets their needs without breaking the budget.

Townhouses and terrace townhouses are an emerging trend that is predicted by economists to boom over the next few years, is the development of housing alternative to the traditional freestanding house.

Sovereign Building Company custom homes have been designed with the modern lifestyle in mind. Sovereign Building Company’s terrace town houses have a unique yet modern design and are built on lots between five to seven meters.

Our designs are luxurious and spacious, with comfortable open plan living and cleverly incorporated outdoor living area in the form of a private terrace about the garage and ability to fit up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms, that leave developers and homebuyers wanting for nothing.

If you’d like to learn more about Sovereign Building Company, why not take a look at some of our client testimonials.

Why town houses and terrace townhouses are a good alternative to apartments?

23 January 2017

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