Keeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family

12 July 2018

“They explained the issues that were important to them and we tailor-made a home that suited them at this stage of their lives”

Sovereign Building Company is a family-focused business. With a tight nit team who all work closely together to build these incredible homes, it is hard to not feel that type of bond. So that means, that when Sovereign Building Company had the opportunity to build for one of their own, it was hard to no go above and beyond.
Read here how the team at Sovereign Building Company were able to incorporate unique features to accommodate the owner’s needs and style.

Read more here to find out why this was different from the rest.

We had known of Sovereign for years but when we came to build with them, they exceeded our expectations.
Mark and Alana Dowley
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We had some very specific expectations and some of the elements of the build were fairly unique. Sovereign work swiftly with pl...
John and Paola Di Perna
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If you want to be understood, valued and respected regardless of what wild ideas you have of your future home, you need not go ...
Lucy Mwangi
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The projects have been built ahead of schedule with very few variations. We enjoy being able to deal directly with the owners o...
James Groom
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​So I would like to congratulate the Sovereign Team for their amazing effort. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’...
Norman Deng
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We definitely would recommend other investors (both local and foreign) to build their projects with Sovereign Building Company.
Clinton Deng
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We look forward to this project with confidence in you ability to again achieving a fantastic result.
The Trainer Home
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The speed of delivery has been impressive, and build quality is exceptional
Tony Black - Company Director
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