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Single Storey Homes - Tailor Made For You

Sovereign Building Company prefer to provide high quality finished development products including all painting, landscaping, retaining, fencing, window treatments, floor coverings, ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning, automated reticulation and entertaining alfrescos.

We entered the construction industry with our first Sovereign project being a high quality finished product and award winning, extremely difficult townhouse site in Burswood, using this and other experiences from Sovereign Building Company, we have honed our style and expertise into a value-added situation for our clients.

Low maintenance with all the features of a home including landscaping, entertaining areas, general living areas is just one of the benefits that sets Sovereign Building Company apart from the pack. We can design and construct the entire development project and we have a team to guide clients throughout the entire project, saving them the added stress of worrying about virtually anything!

Sovereign Building Company single storey homes range from simple to exotic, but all contain those features which make them a good home.

Explore the homes below and begin to look out for these simple details. It is then you will notice what sets them apart from the rest in the industry.

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A home built to be lived in, but made to show off



This build used a range of natural materials and colours.


Two Rocks

A spacious home with an simply stunning garden.



This home contains a number of classic design features.


Wembley Downs

This modern design is simple, and functional.



A home made to fit it's beautiful surroundings


Alfred Cove

Modern design that makes day-to-day life simple


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