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Done with Style

Sovereign Building Company will design and construct the entire development project. We have a team that will guide you throughout the entire project, saving you the added stress of worrying about virtually anything! We encourage anyone interested in multi-dwelling developments to contact us and let us help throughout the entire project from the initial design to hand over.

Our Unique double storey Designs for narrow lots 5m - 10m wide


 FROM $199,000

Sovereign Building Company’s terrace town houses have a unique yet modern design. Placed on narrow lots between five to seven meters, they meet all the current market trends, with public demand for an alternative and more affordable living solution. With comfortable living space and the capabilities of fitting up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms in our design, Sovereign Building Company client’s love the room sizes, comfort, and the private terrace above the garage to entertain all year long and the modern elevation.

We build with focus to attract a diverse range of clientele including:

All in all, Sovereign Building Company is a unique and experienced builder with a well honed and defined approach, thus offering our clients a truly individual approach to any Unit or Townhouse development. Be it a Terrace Town House, Unit development or Townhouse development, Sovereign Building Company does it with style.

  • Young people / couples unable to afford a block, house or house and land packages
  • Business people / couples with long working hours and many social engagements
  • Smaller families requiring independent use rooms (bedrooms) as well as common areas (living room, alfresco and family room) and landscaping / garden areas to be enjoyed by the whole family without having the expense / worry of living in estates
  • Elderly / Mature Age couples interested in down sizing from larger homes to the compactness of a secure townhouse / unit complex (constant neighbours within the complex), who may be engaging in travelling and using the townhouse / unit as a return base from there journeys
  • People working in the booming mining industry who use the townhouse / unit as a home base when not working.


Simplicity made beautiful



Unique design with modern twist



A build that encapsulates what makes a good home



A Unique affordable design with amazing space and...



Optimize space and investment



Unique and spacious yet modern



A two storey home made for a full family and all the...


Belmont 2

With the necessary features and the added extras


Free Full Project Feasibility

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