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    Diana & Paul Barzotto-Boggon

    Right from the very beginning, we felt that David and the team at Sovereign were going to take care of us. Their attention to what we wanted and suggestions made our choices very easy.

    Once the house began construction, it was completed in next to no time, at a level that we were very happy with. We ever found David to be more analytical and critical than we were.

    ​Thank you very much for giving us such a beautiful home!
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    John & Claudia Hardwick

    Sovereign Building Company would like to thank you for your business and we hope you have had a wonderful experience with us as we value our experience with you.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could briefly describe your experience with Future Home Living and this will automatically be visible on our website.

    We are delighted to share a testimonial recording our experience dealing with Sovereign Building Company

    It was clear to us that David, Tore and their team always keep the customer top of mind.

    We were aware of the reputation Sovereign had built up for quality construction, what impressed us was the efficiency, speed and attention to detail from Sovereign that was evident throughout the process.

    They know how to listen and ask the right questions and then offered what proved to be excellent advice and support as we developed the scope of our subdivision and new 2 story home in Alfred cove.

    They were extremely helpful in assisting us to understand the development considerations for our project and subsequently project managed this component for us which went very well.

    Sovereign have great in-house capability and are obviously very skilled in managing the end to end process in particular the construction & project management and scheduling of trades which was impressive to see.

    In all the dealings we had with the from design changes, finishes, dealing with the various authorities and occasional interaction with their trades we were hugely impressed with the way they dealt with any issues that came up.

    From concept right through to handover, for us it seemed nothing was ever too much trouble for them, we were delighted that they communicate well, always in a clear and timely manner which demonstrated to us that they truly care about the customer experience.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Sovereign Building Company, I would build with them again in a heartbeat and would be happy to provide any further information about their performance on our project which was absolutely first class.

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    Kathy & John

    From start to finish, nothing as ever a problem from Dave & Tore to the team on the ground. The construction went well, done in the agreed time frame and we were happy with the overall process.

    We love our new home!

  • The James Groom Home

    James Groom

    We have just completed our third development with Dave and the team at Sovereign. On each project they have run with our plans and got the job done without any fuss.

    We have been impressed with how well organised Sovereign Building Company is. The projects have been built ahead of schedule with very few variations.

    We enjoy being able to deal directly with the owners of the company and look forward to engaging Sovereign on future projects.
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    Normand Wang

    It took me around 2 years to find the right builder and I had a fall-out with another building company, so I was taking my time to assess each one to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake. Then after doing my research properly, I found Sovereign Building Company. David and their team were very accommodating and enthusiastic, but most of all, they were very straight forward which gave me a great peace-of-mind.

    The whole process from start to finish was smooth and a hassle-free experience for me. David was always there to sort any issues that I had (but most of the time he’d spot them before I could anyway). Definitely an efficient Supervisor I could rely on who won’t cut corners. The estimated time from slab down to finish was 1 year, but they’ve finished it within 7 months for a quality double storey house. Now that’s impressive!!

    So I would like to congratulate the Sovereign Team for their amazing effort. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’d definitely go back and recommend them to all of my family and friends
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    Simon Ford - Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

    A huge thank you on behalf of the church family for the work you recently completed on our offices.

    All the matters were addressed with a keen desire to help and were completed in a very professionalism manner.

    David, we so appreciate all that you have done for us. Thank you again.

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