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Double Storey

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Starting from $299,000

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Southern River

A beautiful home that you would never want to leave


Como 3

The marble table tops and pool are only some of the...



This home boasts panorama views and enough space for a...



This home has the same flare and color as its owners



This house utilities design to save power, but maximize...



A chefs kitchen with enough room form parents and kids


Southern River 2

This home is crisp and clean, with a beautiful outdoor area


Mount Pleasant

A beautiful bathroom you could live in


South Perth

A flowing home that is cosy in winter, and cool in summer


Attadale 2

See the multiple theater rooms and an incredible kitchen


Make it your own 

So much goes into making a good home, and the right amount of space is one of those elements. Creating space allows family members to enjoy their own hobbies, while also having enough space to enjoy each other’s company. Sovereign Building Company involves the owners right from the beginning of planning. This allows us to build homes that fit each family and all their needs.

Sovereign Building Company prides themselves on their ability to cater to all budget sizes. From a functional family home to a beautiful townhouse, Sovereign Building Company applies the same passion and hard work, that delivers an end result customers love. The Sovereign Building Company Luxury Collection is no exception.


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