The Sovereign Point of Difference.

The Sovereign Point of Difference.

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The Sovereign Point of Difference.

24 Aug 2017

defaultimage Sovereign Building Company has been around for decades and in that time we’ve built a reputation that is as sustainable as our homes. 

Right now, the building industry is evolving. People are building homes faster and cheaper than before and that’s why we thought we should write this blog to let all of our new, existing and potential clients what it is exactly, that sets us apart from our competition. And why we are the best one stop shop home builder in Perth.

Around town, we’re quite well known for our Luxury Homes and we often find that when we initially meet clients they have already priced themselves out of what they think the ‘luxury’ category is. A luxury home is not always a vast mansion with infinite marble bathrooms, to us a Luxury Home is more often a modest home that has been built with high quality fixtures and fittings that give it a luxury feel. And, after talking to our clients we soon find that we’ve helped them realise that a Luxury Home is within their budget.  

You might be surprised to know that we’re frequently building a mix of award winning, Double Storey homes from $299,000 and Single Storey homes that are priced from $179,000. So it’s surprisingly affordable to build a high quality, Sovereign home. All of these homes include our bespoke design feel with spacious rooms, stone benchtops and fabulous flooring options, surrounded by windows that are strategically placed to complement their surroundings and flood your home with natural light. 

We also have a team dedicated to land and site works, this is because we found that after working with so many clients that have experienced issues and delays in the past through other companies it would be necessary for us to have this skill-set in house. If you don’t have land, we can find it for you. If you do have land, we will thoroughly inspect it and carry out any necessary site works to keep your project on schedule and to budget. 

There’s nothing more unsettling than putting your faith in a company that turns out to disappoint you. When you work with us you work with our directors who from the outset put your needs and requirements first. We take the time to check in with you regularly to ensure that you know what stage of the build your home is at and from putting in this little bit of extra effort we have been flooded by countless testimonials praising us not just for the quality of our homes but also for our attention to detail and customer service. 

If you’re interested in building a house or ready to go, get in touch with us. Don’t think that just because we advertise luxury homes you’re immediately priced out of the game because we assure you, no matter your budget we can introduce a little bit of luxury to your build. 

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